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We are on the Internet within the reach of the entire community of Houston and its surroundings.
Our readers can access us using their LAPTOPs, PCs, SmartPhones, iPhones, iPads, and Tablets. More than 85% of the community uses the Internet as their primary source of entertainment, information, consumption and education.
Only 1% to 1.5% of the community uses printed newspapers in 2 special situations: 1.- When they are unemployed; and 2.- When they don’t have computers.

We do not segment the city, nor do we charge extra money for additional areas. In other publications you pay for each area where your ad will appear. Your listing will be accessible from anywhere in the greater Houston area. And because your listing is on our website, It is also accessible from anywhere in the world.

Your classified ad may contain a title of up to 150 characters, a content of up to 2,048 characters, and you may place from 1 to 12 images (800×600 pixels in black and white or full color) without additional charges ( see listing plans).
As long as the classifieds are located in a specific category, their cover ads will be seen on every page of our magazine.

More than 401,000 readers and we are growing day by day.
More than 128,400 unique IPs and we are growing day by day.
Every day and in some cases every week, new newspaper articles and press releases are added that attract more readers. No article ever expires. They will always be permanently available in our magazine and in all search engines worldwide.

Each weekend, a newsletter is issued and sent directly to the mailbox of each subscriber and advertiser.
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Hispanic adults between 18 to 85 years of age.
Office workers, directors, teachers, students, businessmen, consulates, embassies, media, housewives, professionals, technicians, pastors and religious and political leaders, etc.
Our statistics are real.
Our promises are kept.
Our service is the most effective.
You pay only a fraction of what you pay in other media.
You may advertise for up to one calendar year, or 30-day segments.
The longer you advertise, the more you save on price.
They say that its circulation is 80,000+ copies, but the truth is that that amount is divided into many segments / territories.
The 80,000 specimens are divided into 8 to 10 urban zones, which is an average equivalent of 8,000 to 10,000 specimens per zone.
If they deliver 20 newspapers in each place, they would be leaving in just 500 places. (Ask yourself, how long would it take for a person to deliver those newspapers to 500 places?)
If they deliver 40 newspapers in each place, they would be leaving in just 250 places.
If you want to publish in more areas, you have to pay more.
Your ability to sell your product or service is limited to an average of 700 advertisers to deter only 20 or 40 people, does this sound like a good advertising medium? And that’s counting on the fact that: all 20 or 40 newspapers were picked up and read by readers, and all of them wanted to buy only your product or service among the 700 advertisers. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.
Our readers don’t have to pick up any newspapers from anywhere. Our “Weekly Newsletter” comes directly to the mailbox of all our subscribers, FREE OF CHARGE. They can access our magazine through their cell phones, tablets, computers and laptops.
Your announcement reaches all of our readers. (More than 401,000). Not to a specific segment or a single neighborhood. The entire Greater Houston area, and why not say it, people from all over the world will have access to all your advertisements.
Our circulation system is much more effective and truly verifiable, there is no room for “probabilities”, “coincidences” or “miracles”, we keep daily, weekly and monthly statistics of our readers’ visits.
Your classified ad has a reader counter. This way you will know, for sure, how many people were really interested in your ad.
By subscribing “FREE OF CHARGE” to our “Weekly Bulletin of News Summaries”, you will be able to participate weekly in the life of our magazine, and of our system of diffusion and global circulation.
Every week we publish an average of 10 new articles of social interest, educational interest, scientific interest, politics, sports, entertainment, health, or human rights, etc.